Zehava Shachar

Zehava Shachar was born on Labour Day 1948 in Tel Aviv, Israel, to Rachel and Yeruham Meshel. Meshel was a construction worker and became a workers rights activist, paving his way up the "Histadrut", the general organization of workers in Israel, to become its head from 1974 to 1984. Thus, Zehava was raised upon values of socialism, liberalism, education and work, and became an educator. She started as an elementary school teacher and eventually became a school principal. Throughout her career she implemented advanced learning techniques, such as the usage of personal computers and individual learning methodologies in the early 1980s, which were innovative at that time. She also put an emphasize on art, music and sports among the pupils. She then turned to supervision positions in the ministry of education until her retirement. She has two children, as well as grandchildren. Married to Pesach Shachar. Mother of Guy Shachar.


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