Endowment for a name or tree.

We took the first steps: We proposed personalities, planted trees and set stones. The Grove is enlivened by its visitors, people who draw courage and hope when they read the names of the honorees and solidarize themselves with those who do not look the other way when dedication is required to serving humanity. The Grove is revived by you.

Appreciating. Putting signs.

We invite everyone to become part of a society that does not turn away from human agony. Any amount donated in the spirit of an honored person recognizes socially engagement publicly, which influenced our society positively, like active participation in refugee welfare and integration or its financial support.


The growing of the trees and the path through the Grove itself are living reminders of these people.


Being part. Contribute.

If you want tob e part of this initiative you can also donate for a tree or the natural stones, whereby it is our wish and goal that with each name / tree / stone several donors appear. Like all the honorees, we present donors with their individual testimonial on the website.

I want to donate
Donation for Private
A name 100 € 750 €
A tree 300 € 2.000 €
A stone 1.000 € 7.500 €


The Grove of Flight is a living installation. Storms, hard frost and game can cause damage to the trees, which can only be fixed with private donations.

I want to preserve the grove