Raimund Fastenbauer

Raimund Fastenbauer, born in 1950 in Vienna. Graduate of the University of Vienna in Judaism, Business Administration and Political Sciences. Fastenbauer is Secretary General of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Austria and Secretary General for Jewish Affairs of the Jewish Community Vienna. Other functions: Member of the board of the Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance and of the Mauthausen Committee Austria, President of the Austrian Jewish Museum, Eisenstadt and Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Jewish History in Austria. Founding member of the School Association of the Zwi-Peres-Chajes School. Raimund Fastenbauer has been active in the media sector for years, especially in the fight against old and new forms of anti-Semitism and incitement against Israel, as part of Bnai Brith and the Jewish community. He is also engaged in interdenominational dialogue and has worked as a lecturer at the Institute for Islamic Religious Education.


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