Fuat Sanac

Born in 1954 in Turkey. Studied at the University of Economics in Ankara. Further studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne and at the Pedagogical Academy of the Federation in Vienna. Studies in Turkology, Arabic Studies, Philosophy and Southeast Research at the University of Vienna. Islamic religious teacher in Vienna and Lower Austria, specialist inspector for Islamic religious education and lecturer at the "Private study course for the teaching profession at compulsory schools" for Islamic history as well as director of the "Al Azhar Institute for Islamic Professions of the ÖIG". He is a Specialist Inspector for Islamic Religious Education and a lecturer on the "Private Teacher Education Program" for Islamic History. Since 1992 Chairman of the Schura Council and member of the Supreme Council of the IGGiÖ (Islamic Religious Community in Austria), since 2011 President of the IGGiÖ. Columnist in various Turkish newspapers.


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