Astrid Rössler

Astrid Rössler (born May 7th, 1959 in Salzburg) is an Austrian politician of the Green Party. Rössler was First Deputy Governor of the Provincial Government Haslauer jun. from 2013 to June 2018 as well as country spokeswoman for the Greens in the province of Salzburg. Rössler studied law at the University of Salzburg. She continued her education in the field of environmental management and worked as a researcher and referee from 1993 to 2000. She is a certified mediator, member of the Participation Group and, since 2005, lecturer at the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management Klessheim. At the state election in Salzburg in 2018 Astrid Rössler was the top candidate of the Greens. After losing the election, she declared her resignation.


My Testimonial for Tree 46

You have to go up a good bit here to understand the contrast of this place. The alpine landscape, which often presents itself as lovely and sunny, could at that time have an entirely different, threatening face as an escape route, when people crossed the Tauern here in ice and snow in inhospitable conditions. The escape has many faces, it can save lives through helpers, through humanity and courage and make a new start possible. But in a harsh climate, with cold and headwind, but even more so in very inhospitable conditions in society, further suffering can be inflicted on the run. The Grove of Flight makes it clear how much rescue depends on the initiative of individual people. It takes courage and empathy to help people save their threatened lives and lead them to safety, into a new life. May all who go through this grove not so much see the escape than the salvation, the way to freedom, the way to a happy life.


Letter to Astrid Rössler


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