Miri Nehari

I was born in Kibbutz Alonim on April the 4th, 1944 (therefore a Palestinian, as Israel was not yet a state). In 1945 my father Zvi Netzer was sent by the Mossad LeAliya Bet to head the Bricha Movement in Poland. Through Poland in those years crossed about 250.000 refugees, many coming from the Soviet Union. I am a senior psychologist, specializing in clinical, educational and medical psychology. I worked as a lecturer In Tel-Aviv University, in Shalvata Mental Hospital and in Sheba Hospital in the Children Oncology Ward (cancer). Now I am the Chair-Person of the Bricha Movement Association. Dr. Miri Nehari nee Netzer


My Testimonial for Tree 36

„The Bricha (escape) Movement was the Holocaust survivors' journey to Israel, their ancient Homeland, through the lands of Europe. The Krimmel Pass was the last and most difficult frontier on the way to the Maapilim ships in Italy. The Grove of Flight is indeed a beautiful and poetic way of commemorating their decision to live and determination to go and build their new-old country.“ Miri & Shlomo Nehari


Letter to Miri Nehari


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