Your personal testimonial

We took the first steps: We proposed personalities, planted trees and set stones. You are now invited to give further life to the Grove.

The Grove is enlivened by all people who draw courage and hope when they read the names of the honorees and empathize with their struggles. The Grove is revived by you. Send us ( your testimonial (perhaps with a photograph) with your personal text (possibly also with your thoughts regarding the message of the Grove of Flight) why you wish to recognize a particular honoree (or a group of honorees). We will be glad to print your testimonial on the homepage, without any financial obligation to you.

Sponsoring: for a name, a tree or a stone

Any amount donated in the spirit of an honored person recognizes those for whom the Jewish Exodus 1947 was fateful, or acknowledges socially-engaged personalities, who are role models for our society.

If you want to be a part of this initiative, then you can also sponsor a tree or a natural stone, whereby it is our wish that with each name, tree, or stone, several sponsors may appear. As with all the honorees, all sponsors are presented with their individual texts on the website.

It is totally up to you to determine the amount you wish to donate. Your transfer (donations are tax deductible in Austria) supports the APC Peace Hike and the social projects of APC. Many thanks!


The growing of the trees and the path through the Grove itself are living reminders of these people.


Maintaining the Grove

The Grove of Flight is a living installation. Storms, hard frost and animals can cause damage to the trees, which can only be undone with private donations.

I want to preserve the grove