Testimonial von Ernst Löschner für Peter de Bruin

With great pleasure and conviction, I am one of the donors of Tree # 25.

Peter de Bruin is an integral part of the history of Alpine Peace Crossing. As a member of the board, he was perhaps my most important companion when it came in 2011 to develop APC from a peace initiative into a charitable organization. The same year he also organized the Palestinian Film Days at the Metrokino in Vienna, for which he had taken the introductory lecture (June 27-30, 2011). It was an APC event together with the Filmarchiv Austria, in cooperation with the Bruno Kreisky Forum Vienna. Films were shown that had never been seen in Austria before, followed by a discussion in which both, Jewish and Palestinian personalities, were invited by APC.
In 2015, Peter de Bruin helped with his generosity decisively that the reconstruction of an earthquake-destroyed elementary school in Nepal could be successfully completed. He was also the most important adviser of the board in the selection of the dedicatees for the Grove of flight in Krimmler Achental in 2017. Peter de Bruin is a cultural man not only with his enormous knowledge, especially in the expression of his heart culture.
I would like to thank him, and also his wife, Margriet (she also participated with him on the 12th APC) for his advice on all strategic considerations concerning APC and, above all, his friendship.