Tree 14

Lili Segal

Lili Segal was born on August 15th, 1947 in Merano, shortly after her mother Ruth as well as Lily's grandparents Sabina Hacker and Alexander (Yitzhak) Ostrowitz had crossed the Austrian border into Italy. Lili's parents, both Polish, had fled to Russia after the occupation of Poland and had stayed in Uzbekistan during the war. After the war, they returned to Poland, at the time when Progroms in Kielce raged. They fled to Austria via Czechoslovakia. On Oct. 23, 1946 Lili's parents married in the DP camp Linz-Wegscheid, in early August they reached Saalfelden, where they stayed until Aug. 13 in Givat Avoda. Lily's mother was nine months pregnant when they fled across the Krimml Tauern to Italy. Immediately after arriving in Merano, Lili was born. The young family did not travel to Israel until 1949, when Lili finally completed training as a translator and interpreter. For 32 years she led the text service for the hearing impaired and as a producer of Hebrew versions for foreign productions of educational television. She translated Polish, English and French books, films and radio productions into Hebrew. Lili is married to Zeev Segal, professor of law school and a newspaper journalist for "Haaretz". Her son Hadar was born in 1987.


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