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Hans Dieter Nerbl

Born in 1950, educator and translator; lecturer for intercultural learning at the College of Education. Hans has helped to shape the development of APC, its structure, content and organization. His professional competence and his ability to document complex topics in the media were indispensable in the period of building up the organisation. During his time and function as a board member, he managed cultural, educational and aid projects. In 2016, for example, he handled the major project "Music Connects" in the province of Salzburg and supports a school project in Haiti. With the ensemble of the Teatro Caprile he still acts as a narrator in the traveling theater "Eretz Austria". Hans lives with his wife Celine in Saalfelden.


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Hans Dieter Nerbl

For nine years (2008 to 2016) Hans Nerbl was my closest confidant and also Deputy Chairman of the Board of Alpine Peace Crossing. There was no strategic decision without coordination with him, he was the lead organizer of the Krimml Peace Dialogues and... continue reading

Ernst Löschner

Hans Dieter Nerbl

A non-exhaustive list of his activities for APC: • Hans Nerbl has built up and organized the foundation of APC together with Ernst Löschner for 7 years. • He has contributed a substantial amount from the National Fund of the Republic of Austria as a... continue reading

Peter de Bruin


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