Tree 4

Bella (Bilha) & Moshe Talit

Bilha was born in Lithuania in 1927. In 1941 - when the Germans invaded Lithuania - she had to move to the ghetto of Kaunas, which was later converted into a concentration camp. After her release from the concentration camp Stutthof she returned to Kaunas. With the survivors of her family, she set off for Palestine via Austria. In the camp Givat Avoda (Saalfelden) she became active in the Jewish escape aid organization Bricha and taught Hebrew. Moshe Talit met her in Givat Avoda. In April 1948 they got married in the dining room of the camp and traveled separately via Marseille to Israel, where Bilha joined the army. After the birth of her children Uzi, Benjamin and Gal she worked until her retirement for the Israeli health insurance. Moshe Talit is from Tel Aviv and taught Hebrew as a volunteer of the Jewish Agency for Palestine in Givat Avoda, as did his future wife Bilha. After their honeymoon at the Krimml Tauern Lodge and the declaration of independence of Israel, he hoped for the permit to travel home. This was denied and he had to flee like a displaced person across the borders to get on board of a ship to Israel. Moshe entered the navy after arriving in the new homeland before resuming his teaching career (until 1984). Since his retirement Moshe grows organic fruits and vegetables in his garden in Tel Aviv.


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