Tree 15

Moshe Frumin

Moshe Frumin is a native Pole, born in 1940. On their escape through Austria, his mother and he met the camps at Rothschild Hospital / Vienna, in the former concentration camp Ebensee and Givat Avoda / Saalfelden. Moshe's mother worked at the American hospital, where she was given a woolen cloth - material for Moshe's first suit. Mrs. Frumin and her son tried six times in vain to cross the border into Italy until the Bricha had reorganized the group and only the strongest had to cross the Alps on foot; toddlers and elderly were driven in crowded vans. Mother and son boarded the ship to Israel in Naples, but had to wait for their entry into a Cypriot internment camp. Moshe Frumin became a teacher and sculptor. He married Pnina and became father of three children and grandfather of six grandchildren.


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